No Hope Without Love EP

The Night Hearts

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the night hearts no hope without love

The No Hope Without Love EP features quite a broad spectrum of the duo’s sound yet still focuses on the duo’s love storytelling. Dealing with topics such as how failed relationships stay with you and make you the person you are through in ‘Bruise You Left’, through to a protest song about the events witnessed in the media throughout 2020 onwards in ‘Break The Chains’. The No Hope Without Love EP also features a collaboration with singer-songwriter Stephen A. Quinn who collaborated with the duo when writing ‘You Had It All’, including contributing vocals to the song.

‘Highway To The Lost & Found’ deals with the idea of being a musician, life on the road, playing shows for no fee and the power of influence.

Writing such an eclectic EP was such a creatively freeing task. With the idea of letting the songs guide their own path without worrying about trying to fit them into any particular box. Yet, all the while all the songs have gone through ‘The Night Hearts filter’ and still feature their own sound.